hash-trash: Full Moon & Southside; April 18 & 20

Full Moon hash happened Friday night, started south of the Han at Dongjak station. Hare was TwoBlackGeyes. We had something like 8 to 10 virgins on the line and multiple bagsitters in attendance. There was plenty of baggo and pre-lubing going on, and once the hare was away, SirLostAlot gave chalk talk, had the virgins introduce themselves, and then pack away’ed. Just about that time, 3 more hashers showed, took a few minutes to change, and then proceeded to run and become FRBs (racist Ricky of course…)

I was a mere bagsitter this evening, but what I heard about the trail was that it sucked. It REALLY sucked. Apparently there were quite a few sets of stairs involved, and went through a significant number of playgrounds. I don’t know why TBG has such knowledge of the playgrounds in the area, but there are some questions better left unasked…

Circle was had under the moon and dark skies. 5 seconds of silence was observed for the recent ferry disaster, and horrible horrible songs were sung… by more than just me. The hare was punished, the virgins were punished and welcomed into the pack, and we also ‘welcomed’ a visiting former Korea hasher, Free 2 Lay. She was happy to entertain the pack with a song before the circle broke into madness, and it was decided that On-after will be in Itaewan (but I heard later it turned to HBC…?).

s2h3Southside Hash started down at Suseo station, exit “sex” according to NutNBone. The weather was bright and warm, and there was quite a crowd for this one. Many hashers had run in the Bundang race earlier that day, and so were sporting their racist medals around their neck. This was supposed to be the “most offensive hash run ever” according to the hare NutNBone, as it was Easter, Hitler’s Birthday and 4/20. It was an A to B run, so everyone packed Master Pumper’s Car with their hash bags, and set out on trail.

I heard nothing worth remembering about trail, and the On-In was Master P’s place- the roof of his place to be exact (no way this could go wrong, right?). No one got lost on trail, the hares were punished, and the virgins were made to entertain the pack.

Remember how the hash was supposed to be the most offensive as possible? Yeah, the pack was having a good time and singing so loud that the neighbors in the area became offended. This weekend was supposed to be somber due to the Sewol ferry disaster, and because of our noise and rowdiness, the cops were called. All waygooks had to get off the roof because the cops were out looking, and we all had to go into Master P’s place. Circle continued, although a bit more subdued. Things are a bit hazy in my memory, but there might have been a naming, and Soju also said his On-out goodbyes. I’m not even sure we sang Hash Hymnal #1… Oh well, so went a big southside.


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