Mr. Blister’s Weekend (YK 5/3 & SS 5/6)

I’ll make this quick since I wasn’t on either trail, but still feel a need to continue the written mis-history of kennels I attend. 

yk53Saturday, May 3rd, YK kennel gathered on the eastern side of Seoul for Drinko-de-Mayo!! Honestly, it wasn’t THAT far east, but for this pack, anything east of Itaewan might as well be on the coast. There were further incentives for joining today, as we had a visit from a hasher of previous infamous renown, Mr. Blister. Additionally, it was the joint EM run* of HHIT and My Little Putin. In honor of such an auspicious occasion, the hares decided they would lay a trail that a hasher could finish on their hands and knees.

Chalk talk was given-  the hares explained that at the A/D split, if you choose the A trail, please have professionally-tested climbing equipment, or at least leave some personal burial money.

Hours and hours later, we the bagsitters were still waiting for those on trail to come back. Circle was had, virgins welcomed to the pack, and the hares, were made EMs and celebrated with cake in the face.



SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY at Southside was a rather nerdy “May the 4th be with You” Star Wars hash, hared by Bag O Shit and Do-Me-Decimal. A wonderful location was chosen under a bridge. Pack assembled, and hares away’ed.

ss54After a trail that included light saber duels, danger box-o-wine, and finding new awesome furniture, the pack came back for food and circle. Mr. Blister was there to hand out some patches and say his goodbyes. We also had some visiting hashers from Taiwan, although I think only 1 had actually hashed before.


Erections were also held. New mismanagment is as follows:
GFs-Drink Her Pretty & C3peeholes
RAs- Nut Bone & HHIT
Hash Cash- Menage ugggh
Hare Raiser- Between a Rock & a Hard On
Hash Hooches- One Midget to Rule Them All & Two Black Guys
Haberdash- Teener Schnitzel
Hash Flash- NN Dan (Not for long…)


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