YK red dress, May 17, ’14

(just a short one of what I remember…)

The YK red dress run* was held at World cup stadium, where the event coincided with a local marathon happening in the same area. Wasn’t too hard to distinguish the hashers from the ‘runners.’ We were in red dresses and mostly American. They were in yellow t-shirts and were mostly Korean.

Hash gathered, TBG debuted his tutu, and PMS’ Miss Menstral 2014 returned in all his/her glory. A broken guitar also made its appearance from nowhere, and everyone gathered to enjoy the spectacle we were making of ourselves.

Chalk Talk, 5 virgins, including 2 folk from Texas, so we had to speak much slower for them and calm them down when they heard the ‘foreigner’ accent from KitchenIsCode.

Hares were VVD and Cranky, sporting his “I‘m too important to show my face in a photo of me in a red dress.”

Pack away, across a stream, back over the bridge and in and out of the marathon happening all around us. There was a ‘liquor check’ among the marathoners, which was along the Han river. It was here that I was informed that 2 of our most (in)famous harriettes, PAPS and Erection Notice) had just gotten engaged on trail. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
– I believe that they then went to celebrate the recent announcement as is appropriate in a korea hash: buying some booze at a local mini-stop and continuing on trail.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Grandma was beating off all the indians. And the more she beat them off, the more they came!

Er, I mean back at start, trail was timed well enough that the walkers were coming in the same time that the FRBs were. And once back at start, the the beer and food flowed like light beer and alcoholic pudding. It was quite a spread, as many hashers took the opportunity to bring food in exchange for a bagtag. Lots of meats, lots of dips, plenty of orange food, and only a couple of healthy things to get in the way.

In circle, we punished the hares for the shitty trail, and we welcomed the new virgins into the YK pack. We had a ‘fashion’ (using the term in the loosest, not-actual-meaning, way) show. Fortunately, I just don’t remember a whole lot of that except that the broken guitar came back out and was broken even further upon the back of a hasher in a red dress. We think it was supposed to be a Jimi Hendrix style performance, but we stopped him before he could set fire to the pile of guitar, red dress, and broken hasher.
– A most well known hasher, The morgue the merrier, also had a chance to say goodbye to the pack (turned out to be a little premature, due to no fault of his own) and also gave away headbands as a parting gesture.

Some asshole was torturing cats (a.k.a. bagpiping) and so it was then that everyone felt like it was time to get the hell outta dodge.

FRBs: FartJar & TBG
DFL (Dead Fuckin Last): BLT
Hashit: Morgue and his ambiguously close male partner LetItBlow


*If you’re keeping track, this is Red Dress run number 3 this year so far in the Korean kennels.


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