S2H3 June 8;Menage Bday

Run #762

Met up at the Pogoda on the hill just a walk away from Dongjak, exit 3.

4 virgins to Southside, and 1 visitor.

Menage set out for mark trail, and her co-hare, Pump Friction was able to join us in time for circle.
– approx 30 hashers on trail/in circle.

2 bagsitters: BaggoShit and C3.
FRBs: DHP and 11″ a slave.

Circle started, and the FlipCup wanks desperately tried to make their story interesting to the rest of the circle, especially as they were claiming that they were ambassadors of Southside, although no-one in mis-management had heard that that was the plan…

Our visitor and virgins did an interpretive dance about a birthday, finding a dead body, and even giving birth in a cemetery set to the tune of “My name is Jack.”

We also got to sing an old hash classic: The engineers song. Beer eventually ran out, as did the bottle of Jager someone brought.

Hashit was given to our leavers (I think…?):
– Kindergarden Cop-a-feel
– Every Man’s Fantasy (Pimp)

On-after was a couple subway stops away to the fish market.

That’s all I remember.


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