S2H3 June 15; Father’s day hash

Hash #763, confirmed by NutNBone

Start: Seocho Station
Hares: Taxi Tag Team, and Teener Schnitzel
On-Outs: DewMeDecimal, Ginger Wolverine, and Sir LostaLot.

It was a beautiful Father’s day in Seoul, South of the Han, so the pack followed the rather long trail to the start location from Seocho Station. We gathered under a common park pagoda, and some chose to honor the day by wearing argyle socks and ugly ties. Teener’s mobile hash table was promptly filled with boxes of doughnuts (for daddy’s) and some returners’ gifts, including rum from Putin and Japanese candies from AreTheyReal.

No T-money needed and general marks were in use, so hares away’ed as the pack enjoyed cider spiked with Fireball for extra bite. We had no virgins at this run, so it was a quick ‘social drink’ before pack headed off.
– a few stragglers did show up after chalk talk and even after pack away, but were able to quickly catch up to the rest of the pack as most racists were attending a Spartan Race elsewhere that day.

Thanks go out to GingerWolverine and DreamReamer for stepping in as hash hooches this father’s day!

Trail was about 3 miles, or so I was told, and most stayed together pretty well. Most hashers came in  pretty close together, and so circle was started before the pack could drink all the beer reserved for circle.
– Hares were made to drink, but not for the trail so much as the rather long hike to the start without prior warning… Also, As it was Taxi Tag Team’s first haring (and because we had a bag of flour…) he was ‘de-floured’ in front of the pack. Congrats!
– FRBs were made to drink: Fantastic4Skin and NNBree, both of whom showed horrible elements of racism by either skipping beer checks, or passing a picture opportunity…

After celebrating birthdays, we also had all the known fathers come up to the line, and tell us how old their children were (at least the ones they knew about). As one of the members with the most runs, NuNBone was asked to be a stand in for ‘G‘ as we wanted to celebrate the father of the hash as well.
– Later, Sir Lostalot would later reveal that he had been at Southside’s hash #1. It was a beautiful moment that upon hearing this information, the whole kennel dropped to its knees and began chanting “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!” He let us know that he had been in touch with the father of Southside, Hazukashii, and that he is happy to know that the Kennel has continued to grow in infamy.

And because we had enough beer to do it (thanks hooches!), the circle was opened up to accusations. Erection Notice and Corndog drank for a boob check incident, I (C3) was made to drink for some transgression or other, and there were others of course.We had 2 NN (no-named) hashers, Martin and Matt, brought up for their new shoes, and also felt it appropriate to bring up their sponsor: Pissmass. Each of the NN’s took off a shoe and an entire can of beer was poured into each, they locked arms and took the beer like champs! Well done, guys!

Our leavers also came up to say goodbye and let us know where they were headed. The pack sang and hugged (and piped) to send them on their way.
hashit was held immediately after, and though there were some excellent alternatives: including a NN for being crazy drunk last week, and Pissmass for being a shitty sponsor, the leavers won the vote. Each of the 3 leavers consumed some of hashit, but Ginger consumed the majority, and so not 3 minutes later, he turned his ankle when trying to crush a beer can. Ah, the curse of the hashit is a strong one!!

And so as circle was drawn to a close, the 3 leavers led the pack in hash hymnal #1; Ginger of course did so from a sitting position.
– the pack slowly made its way to the on-after, Kraze Burger. Great choice, by the way! Vegetarian option, and of course, they had beer.

So well done hares! You pulled a tri-fecta!
1- good start location (we didn’t get kicked out).
2- good trail (no one got lost or bitched too much….)
3- good on-after (had beer and food).



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