S2H3, June 30.

Start: Cheongdam Station, exit 11
Hares: Dream Reamer, Fantastic 4Skin
FRBs: Tenner Schnitzel, NN Ben
– thanks to Kanger-Oops for stepping in as hash Hooch!!!

Sunday afternoon, the pack started to gather at the designated station and exit. Lo and behold, some of us, the hares especially, were following ‘Southside time’ a bit more than others. As the questions began? We wondered aloud if anyone had some chalk to mark a trail, in case our hares never showed up… They showed and too us around the corner to the park.

Pack all gathered, chalk talk was had, and the hares away’ed. We introduced 2 virgins to the marks they should find on trail, and introduced them to the pack. NN Donny went wide-eyed when he saw the marks, and the ‘game’ of the hash, and despite having a foot in a cast/brace, he said he HAD to go on trail.

Hares came back, pants still on, and a rather interesting trail of flour behind them from the hole in the bag. FRBs were not far behind them, and the majority of the pack were a few minutes past that. – There had clearly been plenty of shennigans on trail, as many of our harriettes came in talking about how ‘wet’ they had gotten on trail…
The pack enjoyed refreshments and even a bit of pizza and were just about to start circle when Corndog and NN Donny were seen coming down the steps into the park.

Circle started with a  quick chorus of ‘Glorious, Victorious‘ and then we brought up the hares to be punished for their shitty trail. This was DreamReamer’s first haring for Southside, and since we had so much fun de-flouring Taxi 2 weeks ago, we felt it appropriate to celebrate the now de-floured DreamReamer as well.

We punished the FRBs for not keeping with the pack, and then we brought up our 2 virgins. The GF made a mistake in the order of events, and so taught the virgins how to drink and THEN called up the sponsors to help them with their interpretive dance. And just as the virgins were sent away, and the GF asked for a song in the meantime, the Korean police showed up, and in pretty damn good English, asked “whos in charge here?
– Turns out the park we were in was a “no drinking and no smoking” park.  If I remember right, Pump then asked the police if the street was a legal place to continue… Yup, so we moved into the street along the no smoking no drinking park. ON ON GYPSY HASH!!!

In the street, the virgins and sponsors did their dance: at a bhuddist temple in Amsterdam, in a river of hepatitis, and to the tune of Roxanne by the Police. We celebrated some birthdays and analversaries, including The start of the Korean war, stand in was Taxi tag team, and WWI, we brought an infantry stand in-LetHerBlow. We said goodbye for our 2-time visitors from New Orleans VooDoo hash: 2nd Cumming and Gifelt-a-fish (sp?).

Meanwhile, while we were dodging the cars and bikes zooming past us… the hasher formally known as NN Tom came up and was christened Swallow the Bizmark. The pack was actually still pretty focused so it decided to go ahead with the 2nd naming. The harriette formally known as NN Jessica was christened: NineInchNailed-er.

As things were coming to an end, and we had more locals coming up to encourage us to leave, we had our recently named and our Canadian representative lead us in Hash hymnal #1.

We cleaned up our shit and left the street to the locals. Those interested in an on-after met up at the GS25 to figure out where we might find some food.  It took a bit of walking, but eventually found a shabu shabu place.


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