S2H3, the wedding; hash-trash July 6

So the Southside pack gathered, hungover and many still drunk nambu exit 4. It was the occasion of what was labeled as the best fake lesbian wedding of the century, or whatever other hyperbole seemed most appropriate.

The hares, also the to-be-brides were so hungover that they had to have a fill in hare: DHP. He had all of 20 minutes to scout the area, so for chalk talk we gave him the full 15 minutes head start. But hey!! We had a proper live hare!!!

Pack away, many of the hungover stayed to bagsit, and others went off to do a baggo walk, which included the site of the now infamous GF changeover to the even more infamous Vaga-Ju.

Back at start, hashers started coming back in, and getting ‘dressed’ for the upcoming wedding. Some decided to wear a dress and heels, while others chose something a bit ‘minimal’ like a US flag speedo. Although, it was advertised that this wedding would be pot-luck and red white and blue themed as it was so close to the 4th of July.

Circle commenced. FRBs were punished. Visitors and Virgins were welcomed and made to entertain the circle. I forget the situation, and I forget the song (morning drinking to prevent a hangover is a thing…), though I remember there were 2 songs sung.

Usual circle continued. Then the brides were brought up as Cranky took position of minister. A ceremony of sorts was ‘performed’ and then there were many things given away which the crowd enjoyed.

At some point swing low was sung and everyone immediately left for the VFW in HBC.



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