S2H3, TBG’s birthday hash; July 13

Hare: TBG
FRBs: Zimbab & DHP
DFLs: PAPS & Whoreizontal
Hashit: TBG & Birthday folk
On-out: Swallow the Bizmark

ON a nice Sunday afternoon, the Southside pack gathered together uphill from Bangbae Station, pretty close to 1pm. Surprisingly, we did not need our usual half hour + lee-way…

TBG happened to fin a nice shaded pagoda sort of structure that was right next to a playground. I had 2 thoughts:
1- Near a playground again, you sick sonofabitch?!?
2- We’re definitely doing a gypsy circle today…

Chalk talk started: TBG said it was a good 3 mile trail, and to look for some chalk and secrets up on the mountain. Also tthere would be a couple water checks. Also, Corndog was given back his mug in a block of ice.
– We had 1 visitor/virgin at chalk talk so we quickly asked a few questions and went back to social drinking. The security guard for the area made his first appearance, but seemed to smile and giggle at what we were up to, so it seemed ok for now.

Pack awayed, and headed to and then up the mountain. Up an unGodly number of stairs, there was a water stop. Delicious cool mountain spring water made for a good stop, and as others continued on trail, several of the injured decided that this was probably a good place to head back.
– We actually came across TBG finishing laying his trail, and so gave him a quick little chase back to the playground.

We were only back a couple minutes before the FRB’s came in, one of whom was actually sporting some amazing blood on trail. DHP had grabbed a branch or tree and didn’t let go in time and so got an awesome gash in his hand. Zimbab took of her shirt (WOO-HOO!!!! clever, DHP!!) and wrapped up his hand.
-Back at start, our local army medic, BLT ripped up a towel from TBG and re-dressed DHP’s hand. As he got a closer look, he was heard saying: “ooh! that’s worse than I thought…”

His hand was dressed, Zimbab’s shirt was rinsed off- which cause Manage to gag loud enough for everyone to hear, and the pack came in, as well as many hashers that seem to only show up in time for circle.

Before DHP headed off to get his hand taken care of, we sang him an apprpriate blood song: When the end of the month rolls around. Circle continued by punishing the hares and FRBs and DFLs. At some point in time, the security guard showed up again, this time with angry villagers waving their ignorant pitchforks. He gave us a quiet down sign, so the hash resorted to jazz fingers instead of shouting.
– As we were to be quiet, we brought up the virgins, and it was decided they would do an interpretive dance, Charlie Chaplin Style, about being in a OBGYN and getting stuck in a box. As we were to be quiet, I-35 was able to sign “America the Beautful.” Our 3 virgins, + TBG and Eiffel did a hell of a job. However, we felt we needed to head to the mountain to be as loud as we really wanted to be.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Grandma was beating off all the Indians. And the more she beat them off, the more they came….

TBG was caked for his birthday. 3 little cartons of strawberry milk +  a half bag of flour +  10 eggs. For sprinkles, some dirty hasher had found his bag of ‘secrets.’ The final view was reminiscent of someone being tarred and feathered.
Vagabond was able to get almost every male hasher to wear his shirt as a belly shirt. Fortuantely most hashers were drunk and didn’t mind. I feel sorry for those that weren’t and had to take photos regardless.
More lost property was returned, including C3’s hash book and someone’s backpack.
We said “piss off ya wank!” to Swallow the Bizmark, and welcomed back to the pack BlackCockDown and 1 Midget. Manage also celebrated her 1 year analversary of hashing.
– PAPS also  let the circle know that DHP had died while waiting on the operating table as we were in circle.

No surprise TBG was given hashit, and the other birthdays (BLT & Twat’s too tight) came in to help. Little known fact: this was TTT’s first time to actually drink any hashit. Her cherry has been popped.

We drank the circle dry, and then made our way back up north to Phillys.

ON on to mudfest next week!


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