Aug 2-3 Hash trash, including Pissmas’ swim

August 2nd- YK
hares: Rock and a Hard on & Midget
Trail started and ended on Nodeulseom island. There was concern that Corndog had been lost and died on trail. As I was extremely late, I was only there in time to see that Corndog had in fact survived, and thus next week’s plan for his funeral was called off.

August 3rd – Southside
#770 – Gwacheon Swim.
Hares: Pissmas, and (recently named) SeoulTrain
Namings: SeoulTrain
Virgin: Fun Runs

Although it seemed like it may turn out to be a rainy day, many hashers showed somewhere close to 1 o’clock south in Gwacheon. The pack waited for the hares to return laying trail, so they could ‘run’ it with us. ‘Running’ was done by maybe 3 or 4 hounds, cause the rest of us grabbed roadies for our walk along trail. Pissmas was kind enough to carry a backpack full of beer to be our own personal walking beer check.
At one point, Pissmas and our visitor, Fun Runs, felt obliged to give a homeless guy a beer along our walk. I mention this only because it will be important to remember this later.

Pissmas' trail

Pissmas’ trail


We walked through some streets, drinking and singing. A light rain started just as we started hiking up a hill. It was at this moment of physical activity that I and many others began to question the choice of drinking before this hike, and as well as many previous life decisions. We took a photo of our view on the hazy day, and continued down the hill. Pissmas was kind enough to show us EXACTLY where the slippiest part of the trail was. Fortunately the beer was not hurt, and after 15 minutes of awkward walking, he could stand up fully erect again.

IMG_0791Cuming off the hill, we found our way to a river/stream area, and took us all of maybe 20 seconds to fin an area with enough water to submerge a body. Along this part of the water there was also a group of young koreans that shared our joy of the day, and so shared their soju with us. They were having a blast doing their traditional korean food and drink along the river and also got up to take photos and splash around. One Korean seemed especially fond of trying to jump on me while I was laying in the water and put his knee into my face. HAHA! those crazy Koreans!

IMG_0798We played in the water as Pissmas continued to inform us “THIS IS NOT THE SWIM STOP!!!” So we all put our shoes (and pants) back on, and continued down trail. We made it to the intended swim check, where about 3 or 4 of us were sticking around to get in the water- seems some of the pack was getting hungry and continued to the end.
– We eventually continued on our trail and made our way back to the end.

As soon as we got back in, we made sure we had only lost a few people and grabbed the beer and our stuff to go have circle at the swimming hole. As soon as we started to get in the water, 3 korean boys managed to knock a friend’s head on a rock and was bleeding pretty bad in the water. As hashers continued to show up, everyone was asking every other hasher: “what the hell did you assholes do?!?!”
– Really! It wasn’t us this time!!

Beers and baggo were floating in the water as we sang some songs and welcomed our visitor/virgin Fun Runs, and we welcomed back our returners: Let it Blow, HIIT, and Putin. The homeless guy showed up again, and this time brought some food and soju to share with some members of the pack. He3 was especially fond of fun runs and tried to show her a super nice, super secluded spot on the river bank.

groupsSongs were sung, beers drunk, and in order to facilitate a good naming, we sang hash hymn number 1, and then got out on the bank to give a somewhat proper naming. SeoulTrain was thus born, and afterward we moved up stream a bit of had a great on after of local korean beer and food. It felt even more authentic Korean as there was not a bit of english on their menu. Fortunately, some of us remembered a few key phrases of Korean, including mekju (beer).

Well done, Pissmas! Great trail! Great circle area, and the best on-after spot I’ve been to in a long while! You did Southside proud!



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