S2H3 BeerMile; Sept14

As is current Korea hash tradition, the end of Hashathon is marked with the annual BeerMile hosted by the Southside Kennel.

Sunday was a beautiful day, and so the pack found its way to Apujeong and trekked along the river to the quarter mile track. It is located in a park that is also a popular family picnic spot. Oh, the horrors that awaited them this fateful afternoon
– We gathered under a sort of pavilion next to the track, and just before, during and after chalk talk we turned the little pavilion into a ball pit the likes of which Chuck E. Cheese himself would be proud.

Chalk talk was short and quick, trail was short and quick, and soon we had a short and quick circle. We were all quite excited to get to the race, so we dispensed with the usual drinking for FRBs, DFLs, Birthdays and Analversaries. Kitchen honoured those that had done the entire Hasthathon, IronHashers in name and definition! We said our goodbyes to I-35 and PAPS, and we also brought up our new friend, Blow-Back-Mountain. He had come all the way from Guam to do the hasthon with us, and so we felt it appropriate he lead us in Hash Hymnal #1.
–  and to the track we assembled.


Fortunately, 1 of our dearest Korean Hashers, Turdy Tree, was on hand to go over the rules and such. He has been to every beermile since it started 4 years ago, and Vagabond was also on hand and was there to say, “do NOT do it the way I did it last year.”

Those that wanted to race/do the beer mile grabbed 4 cans of beer and found a timer/judge/facilitator. We took down names, made sure everyone was ready, and our illustrious GF, DrinkHerPretty, gave the final countdown:
on your mark…
get set…

GO! And the crack of 100* beer cans could be heard around Seoul.IMG_1077a

I forget who the first ones off the line were, but I do remember seeing Eiffel get a good start as well as TBG, who if my notes are correct, came in for the first lap at 1:42.
It wasn’t long before we had our fastest runners coming in for beer numbers 3 and 4 just after I called out the 5 minute mark. Literally a few minutes later, our first finisher was coming in and breaking the track record.
– Last year, Welcome Homo set the record at 9:18. This year, EMF came in with an awesome 8:17: a full minute faster! HIIT was our next runner coming in under the 10-minute-mark, at 9:51. And taking 3rd in the men’s division was Does the Finger count at 10:23.
– For the harriettes, Zimbab4way took first with a time of 11:33; WetBush took 2nd  at 12:30; and our hare and leaver, PAPS, took 3rd  with a time of 13:13.

Something new for this year was the introduction of the ‘Capn’s Cup.’ This was a race strictly among the GMs/GFs of the kennels. Representing OBH3 was Whoreizontal; Vagabond was there to represent Seoul H3; both GFs of Southside were there, DHP and myself, C3; and then we had 2 GMs that were had already done a beer mile, but were hard core enough to do a 2nd: T3 for PMS, and Nut N Bone for the Korea Hof H3. Unfortunately, Kitchen Is Code had to bow out due to injury.

Trash talking amongst the GMs thus ensued, pretty much all from Vagabond. VVD and Cranky were both kind enough to facilitate this 2nd smaller race, And with a word from them, the 6 cans of Bud were cracked and away we went. DHP and Whore took an early lead, but fortunately for me, DHP had to run a forfeit lap and so Whoreizontal took home the Capn’s Cup, and I could say I took 2nd. Trash talkin Vagabond didn’t bother to finish.

With all times recorded and quickly anal-ized, we drunkenly retreated out of the hot sun and back to the pavilion. There was a pile of hashers in a heap on the ground, and so it was there that we gave out bag tags to our top runners, and of course shared in the drunken revelry involved with it. We also presented the Capn’s Cup (a wooden cup that Vagabond brought back from the Phillipines) to Whore, whom promptly drank from it and offered the sweet nectar to the rest of OB in attendance.

A good day for most, although some folk seemed disappointed that there was not as much vomit as last year.


*actually it was just 30 on the line that day.


So for those interested, I have the rankings divided between Men and Women.

Mens Womens Capn’s Cup
EMF 8:17 Zimbab 11:33 Whore 10:51 OB
HIIT 9:51 WetBush 12:30 C3 11:34 S2H3
Finger 10:23 PAPS 13:13 DHP 11:53 S2H3
Rock & Hard 10:33 Eiffel Nut- 18:31 KH4
TBG 11:01 Booby-do
Midget 1 11:21 T3
MmmBop 12:19 Bree
Joodog 12:52
Taxi 14:16
BLT 15:28
Teener 17:03
Nut 18:20
Putin 19:50
YBF 19:51
Turdy 20:25



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