S2H3, 9/21; Revenge of the color blind

This weeks’ Southside (SOUTHSIIIIIIIIIDE) brought a small pack to the land of consumerism and plastic surgery; Gangnam. We followed S2 GF C3PeeHoles’ sparsely laid and well hidden (foreshadowing?!?) pack marks from Apujeong Station to our favourite type of on-site…a playground filled with Korean kids! Just what us teacher-types love to see while we’re hung over on a Sunday (around 1ish).

C3 made his haring comeback after some months being lazy… er, injured. He showed us his trail marks (a ‘fish check.’ Really? Ok.), was blessed with some sort of rum that tasted more like paint thinner, and he was off. 15minutes later the pack, including Luva Lamp, a visitor from Boston, was off behind him….an easy snare in their sights. Turns out all those IMG_1165Korean lessons the hare has taken came in handy because the only one who could seem to find the false trail marks was Boobydo Bunny. Strangely, even though Boobydo was with us, the middle of the pack had a hard time finding a true trail that mysteriously ended up under a parking cone….HHIT was to be punished for this at circle.

With the exception of a couple of racists, the pack stayed together on this short, flat, and shiggy-free pavement pounder. The roughly 4.5k trail brought us through a memorial park, fancy shopping districts, and even past a store called “Second Coming”…which reminds me, I need to head back to Gangnam soon.

FRBs HHIT and Drink Her Pretty came in just a few moments short of a snare and the rest of the pack followed closely behind. Thanks to the newly minted Juice Jedi, One Midget to Rule Them All, our bags were safe and only slightly rummaged through. We charged our vessels full of mimosa courtesy of HHIT and started a very laid back circle with more than enough beverage of choice to have us all hammered in no time. Newbie Luva Lamp and HHIT gave an interesting history lesson on the Boston Tea Party via interpretive dance (INTERPRETIVE DANCE! INTREPRETIVE DANCE! INTREPRETIVE DANCE!). I’m pretty sure the actual BTP had nothing to do with someone’s junk in someone else’s mouth, but what do I know? I’m just a Canadian. A bunch of people were called out for a bunch of stupid shit and in turn a bunch of other people drank as stand ins. C3 brought us booze from Shanghai and Vagabond puked….what was that about someone pissing themselves last time you brought that shit back, C3?
We sang “Jesus Saves” among a bunch of other songs and then realized that an infant with a smart phone had been videoing us. Keep an eye on pornhub for the videos….move over Kim Kardashian!a1947439_10152747515991115_9007446357062677099_n We did, surprisingly, avoid a gypsy hash and headed out to a meat place for on-after-ing. Even though it was a small pack it was a great Southside Sunday!!

ON-ON to next week; Teener Schnitzel’s slow sloping easy elevation trail…..bring an oxygen tank……. and a Sherpa.



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