YK, and Southside Oct 4-5

I don’t really have a whole lot of time to write a good hash-trash, so I’ll write a poor quick one as usual.

YK met on a beautiful Saturday morning, and welcomed 2 visitors from abroad. I say ‘welcomed’ instead of the more correct term- hazed. Commercial Whal and Who the F is Alice.

The day’s hare, Ninjabator, pre-laid trail the previous night, on his own, as his first time to ever hare a run. So many lessons were learned that day, by all of us.IMG_1210
– It was an A-B, so we couldn’t turn around when we realized all his marks would be under cars and 200 meters apart
– we were told about 4 miles. It was 9.
– we were told he ran out of chalk. Yes, he clearly did that… several times it seemed.
– he took us past some beautiful parks. Not through, past.

I don’t know what the pack has done to make 1 hare so angry at them, but I hope we find a way to apologize.

Once the pack had gotten to the end after numerous messages and calls to Kitchen, the growling hashers relented as their bellies were fed, and their thirst quenched with our beverage of choice.

You can bet the pack gave the hare the hashit, for which it was well deserved, and the hare took it like a champ and was happily listening to the ‘suggestions’ of how to run a better trail next time….

Additionally, we got to celebrate the upcoming nuptials for VVD and Cranky, and we also got finally give name to a harriette, well known for her love of all law enforcement personnel. Congrats PoePoePooh-stew.


Southside was supposed to be hared by Midget, but he was unfortunately called into work… at least that is what the story is currently. I think there also exists the possibility that our hare said “F-it!” and didn’t want to take his chances doing his first hare as half the pack was still sore and from Saturday. Given some un-marked turns, their may be blood shed!
– Zimbab and TBG acted as relief hares for the trail just outside Yangjae station. IMG_1286a

Up and down a couple of hills and through the woods, the hares made a good number of YBFs to try to slow down the pack. Although they were given at least 20 minutes head start, they only finished 5 minutes ahead of the FRBs.

Trail had been less than 5k, so for what length the trail lacked, we made up in length of circle. Nut and Bone was kind enough to take a drunk break from his conference to join us.

We also welcomed our 3 virgins and 1 visitor (Hakama from Tokyo), and enjoyed their dance about having Ebola while donating blood in Thailand, while filmed by Whore.




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