Southside Oct 19

Pissmas and co hare arranged for the pack to meet atop a nest of wasps cause they were too chicken to ask the old ajumas to leave the picnic table.

Pack was promised a short trail and highs and lows and there was definitely no shortage of lows on this trail. BaggoShit and I were left behind to rummage through everyone’s stuff, and welcome the late comers, including a virgin and Rock and a hard on. Rock regaled us of his PR at the race that morning.

Racing back into the start was Split Dick, and just behind him, only cause he chose not to go through the hedges, was soon to be named Jay.

Trail was under 3 miles, the pack came back and became the laziest bunch of wanks I’ve ever seen at a circle. Everyone was sitting down, and a few were even paying attention.

Interpretive dance was a Harry Potter style wizard’s battle, on the Death Star at a Swinger’s convention. We took care of other business, and a couple of drinking bets that the GF never seemed to get right- thanks (for the song)  Timber!

We also got to name Jay. Those that know the man, knows he’s quiet and doesn’t last too long (phrasing!!!) so despite looking like that asshole from the matrix, the pack seemed fit to name him Cum-N-Go.

Circle was finished and so a quick subway ride, and we hit up a bibimbap place. A ton of food was ordered and shared, and they also told us we couldn’t drink there, so after we ate, we passed around a bottle of beer before we all went our separate inebriated ways.

On on to next week’s World Peace through beer!
– C3PeeHoles


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