World Peace Through Beer hash-trash.

Saturday morning, the YK pack met at World Cup Stadium. Eventually the co-hare, Midget, did as well, clearly prepared and ready for a good trail, and in proper running attire. Corndog stepped in to do chalk talk, and made it a longer than usual intro, to give the hares some extra time. TBG and Flame were chomping at the bit, the smell of a ‘hare snare’ in their noses. As it was World Peace through beer, many of the pack brought delicious beverages of choice from exotic lands like Milwaukee, and Texas. Chalk talk eventually finished, and the pack was finally let go.

I can’t say I know much about trail except that it was supposedly the trail run for the Red Dress Run we did in the spring, but backwards and maybe more stairs?.
– Very surprisingly, the hares were not caught, in part because some of the pack just didn’t recognize them and so never gave chase.

At circle, we welcomed 2 virgins to the pack and we welcomed back a YK hasher from back in the late 90’s, Tartar Sauce. We had our chance to say goodbye to MVB as she’s headed back to the states. Tears were shed as Tartar sobbed over and over, “its just not the same anymore…”IMG_1391

Hares and MVB were given hashit, and the pack gathered up the extra beer to take to the other kennels.

Southside assembled at the ‘double pagoda’ near Namtaeryong. Hares TBG and Flamethrower promised lots of beer on trail and short, flat, shiggy-free experience. The pack actually had to wait on the hares to come back in from trail before we could start. It was cool though, we had world beer to contemplate peace.

The trail was not necessarily long, but there was a lot of ups and downs. AND SOME GREAT VIEWS!! 10675531_10152831564656115_3051035711172799012_nSome of us went as far as the 2nd beer check, which was really more of the 2nd of many beer teases. The hares marked that there was beverage of choice… HARES LIE!!!

Some turned back while others continued the long march of sorrow through the mountains. It was not very sunny, so those of us waiting for the pack to arrive sustained ourselves on junk food and a couple trips to the store that was another long sorrowful walk from the on-in.

Beer was being finished pretty quick and the weather seemed to be turning against us as well, and so before the last of the pack got back from trail we started circle.
– We punished the hares, and the FRB: Cum-N-Go
– We welcomed 4 virgins to the pack
– our returners gave away free stuff
– We ran out of beer, so didn’t bother with hashit
– We sang a quick swing low

Circle finished as it was getting dark and a few rain drops hit. We took the subway 1 stop up to Sadang, and found a dokgalbi place thanks to our current Korean sound effects maker, Subin. Dinner turned a bit more expensive than we had originally thought, but fortunately we had gone through some of the packs bags while they were on trail, and didn’t come up too short….IMG_1402


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