The bungee that never jumped; S2H3 Nov2

Way down south is where we were told to meet (Seohyeon). “Bring some money on trail, there’s going to be an awesome surprise!” we were told.

Most of the pack was on super southside time, but it was all OK, because not only did we have BOTH our hash hooches there this week, but additional beer was brought as well! We had no problem giving the late comers a little extra time.
– hares said general marks on trail, flour and chalk for marking, and they were away. We had 2 virgins on the line, a total virgin from Canadia, so we used the back of DHP’s shirt to show him what to look for.

We gave the hares 10 minutes, and then pack was away. Trail was significantly shorter than what the hares usually do, so it wasn’t long before the hares were back and indicating the trail had NOT gone as planned as the waygook card had been pulled on the pack:
– The plan had been to run to a bungee jump, do the bungee and run back to start. Instead, our little band of foreigners arrived at the bungee jump place, and the local operators said “uhhh, sorry. we are closed” as Koreans continued to enjoy the jumping. Later, a cuter, more female hasher asked the opoerator and she was told that there wouldn’t be any jumping until 3pm… Wait, is it closed or taking a break?!?

Whatever, pack came back and put on warmer gear and enjoyed beverages of choice. FRBs were a couple of the OB boys, one of whom was kind enough to grace us with his Emo make-up on. Most of the pack made it in about the same time, and we eventually started circle just as Nut-N-Bone arrived talking about how fun his bungee jump had been.
Hares and FRBs were punished.
Virgins were welcomed, and they danced.
– We had a naming, congrats to: 1cunt2cuntOldcuntNewCunt
– Erections were held:IMG_1438
Religious Advisors: Nut ‘N Bone, HHIT, Vagabond
GFs: Flamethrower, C3P
Hash Hooch: TBG, Eiffel, Inches
Hash Cash: Rock
Hash Flash: Menage
Hare Raiser: Pissmas
Haberdashery: Vagabond, Eiffel, DreamReamer

And so the hash finished its business, and made it to the on-after, Travelers. Many burgers were had, and to start his 2nd term off right, TBG did the burger challenge so the pack could enjoy a free pitcher of Cass. He was too full to have any but a sip: What a team player! Eiffel didn’t bother with any challenge and just ordered a couple pitchers of Bloody Mary’s.2014-11-03
So ended another Southsiiiide!

On ON!


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