Hash info


OBPoofter H3
Where: Park near songtan bus station.
When: 7:00pm
Hares: MMMbop
Hash cash: 5000w
Follow chalk from Main Gate/Bus Terminal
Bring a Flash Light, Bring a Flash Light, its night time…


Where: Noksapyeong Exit 2 (Line 6).
When: 8pm
Hares: Teener Schnitzel
Hash Cash: W5 000
Bring a 6 pack of non-Korean beer in lieu of hash cash or for a World Peace Through Beer bag tag.


Where: Noksapyeong Exit 2 (Line 6). Rabbit Hole Bar. If rains bring second pair of shoes.
When: 10:00am
Hares: Kitchen is Code
Hash Cash: W5 000

Noksapyeong Exit 2 (Line 2). Rabbit Hole Bar. If rains bring second pair of shoes.

What: Seoul Hash House Harriers Run #2276
Time: 1500 (3pm for Air Farse and Expats) 08 November 2014 (Saturday)
Location: The Island of Death (Sinyongsan Stn EXIT 3….. then walk )
Hare: Ultraman
Apres Trail: Ultraman’s Casa (*Wives and significant utters are welcome to show early around 4ish to drink wine and engage in mindless women’s talk — See erections below)
Website: http://seoulhash.com/?p=3266

Where: Songtan (Lions Den)
When: 3:00 pm
Hares: DHP and Harry Potter (Cranky and VVD on-out)
Hash Cash: W5 000


OBPoofter H3

Who: Poofters, Hashers, Jock Strappers, Etc..
What: OBPH3 033
When: 12:30
Where: Pyeongtaek Station Exit 1
Hare: ??
ON-After: H5 Red Dress Run

This will be a A to B trail. we will drive your bags to the start of the H5 Trail so come on time because if your late you might have to take your bag on trail since there will be no one to take your bag and the pack wont be returning. Show time is 1230. Hare away at 1300. Bag leave at 1310. Times will not be pushed because we have to make sure H5 starts on time.


Pack Travel to H5 down in Humphrey’s.

Directions by Train:
Take the train to Pyeongtaek station (ITX is fast). From Pyeongtaek station go out exit 1 and walk out to the main road and cross. When looking out from AK plaza there are 3 fingers (roads). Go down the left finger to McDonalds and wait for the bus there. You need to get on the number 20 bus. It runs often and should take you about 20 minutes to arrive in Anjeong-ri. Once the bus hits the military instillation it will take a right and run along the wall of the instillation you should get off just after the bus goes up a small hill about a block after the turn. You should be near the walking gate at this point. Follow chalk from there.

Directions by Bus:
Take the bus from Nambu Bus Terminal (line 3) to Pyeongtaek. The first stop is Pyeongtaek University. Stay on the bus until you reach the bus terminal. Get off there. You should most likely be at AK plaza. Follow instructions from above or just get in a cab and say Humphrey’s main gate.


Time: 15:00
Where: Dragons Lair. (follow chalk from walking gate)
Hare: DHP
Hash Cash: $10 or ₩10k
Why: To raise money for the new AMVETS chapter at Camp Humphreys. Not only is it the H5 Red Dress R*n but it is also 2 of our favorite hashers wedding. Count Crankyoula and VVD tying the knot hashing style.


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