Update 2; hash info: Nov 22-23

Saturday 22 Nov

Yongsan Kimchi H3
Where: Noksapyeong Exit 2 (Line 6). Rabbit Hole Bar.
When: 10:00am
Hares: TBG & Flamethrower (uh oh)
Hash Cash: W5 000

Osan Bulgogi H3
Where: Lion’s Den
When: 15:00 (3pm)
Hash Cash: $5 or W5k

Seoul Hash House Harriers
What: Run 2278 Putin asks “Does the Thumb Count?”
Date: 22nd November 2014
Time: 1500/3pm for da civilian types
Location: Cheonggyesan Station (Shinbundang Line) exit 2
ONON Location: 37.444185, 127.055256
Hare: Little Putin and Does the Thumb Count? AKA Baby Blister, AKA Ungrateful Bitch, AKA STBN Geoffrey
Apres trail: The Hash Bar probably

Seoul PMS H3
Where: The Thunderdome a.k.a Noksapyeong Stn Exit #1
When: 4:00PM
Hare: Zimbab 4way Eh? & NN Erin
Hash Cash: 5000 won

Sunday 23 Nov

Southside H3
Where: Mongchontoseong station (line 8) Exit TBD
When: 13:00 (1pm)
Hash Cash: $5 or W5k


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