Hash info, Nov26-Nov30 UPDATED


오산 불고기 POOFTER H3
Where: Pyeongtaek station Exit 1
When: 19:00
Hare: Split Dick & A Trick
Hash Cash: $5 or W 5,000

Get off at Pyeongtaek station and turn left out of exit one. Any confusion feel free to call 010 2660 9649.
Bring a Flash Light, Bring a Flash Light, its night time…


Where:Bulldog (in Songtan)
When: 20:00ish
Hash Cash: $5 or W5k
The B²H³ is having a onetime only event. With the B²’s love of music and booze, we are introducing The John Lee Hooker Challenge, 1 Bourbon 1 Scotch 1 Beer. For this one time only event, you must complete 1 shot of Bourbon 1 shot of Scotch and 1 pint of beer, separate of course, with in a set amount of time. By completing this you get bragging rights and, for you patch whores, you get a limited edition John Lee Hooker Challenge patch. To purchase your beverages for this challenge, after talking to the bar it will run you just under ₩20k. So if you plan on participating bring cash. This event is to raise money for the B² haberdash so we can start putting out some new swag, so that being said you gotta buy the patch (₩6k) if and when you complete the challenge.


И ☭ Я
Where: Jiksan Station (Exit 2)
When: 1930 or 730 pm
Hare: Flamethrower, M.O.M.
Hash Cash: $5 or W5k


Osan Bulgogi H3/ Yongsan Kimchi H3 Feast Dinner
Where: Lion’s Den (Songton)
When: 15:00 (3pm)
Hare: Mmmm-bop and ADAPTS
Hash Cash: $5 if you bring a dish. $10 if you don’t.
***If Lion’s Den is closed go to the roof top. We will start from there. We still need more side dishes. Check Korea H3 Facebook page for more information.

What: Hashgiving Trail and Dead Flesh
When: 1500 (3PM)
Where: Hangangjin Station exit 2 follow chalk to Casa de Pump
Hares: GM? Vagabond
Hash Cash: 10,000
Apres Trail’s: Feast at the Pump’s House then somewhere close in Hannam because im guessing we will all be wasted and not be able travel to Beer O’clock


Where: Sindorim (Line 1&2) Exit 3. Meet at the amphitheater (it’s within eyesight of the exit).
When: 11am
Hares: Dungeon Daddy
Hash Cash: W 10,000 – 15,000

Humphrey’s Hangover H3
Where: Dragon’s Lair – Anjeong-Ri
When: 15:00 (3pm)
Hash Cash: $5 or W5k

For more information on P.A.C.K. go to: https://www.facebook.com/events/384896751664757


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