Southside: Teener’s last trail

Run #792
The pack gathered at Dongjak, and surprisingly NOT on Southside time. Must of been all the new folk, or everyone was eager to get there drink on.

Teener chalked out the marks to look for on trail- “look for them” but were we really going to find any?!?! He and Tiny Dental set off, and for some strange reason Teener took a bag of secrets with him. God only knows why, he sure doesn’t know what to do with them…

Pack gave them about 10 minutes as we introduced the newbies and visitors to the marks and how to hash with us. And then pack ‘awayed’ up to the subway station where everyone looked for a solid 10 minutes where the check goes, until Rock comes out (the station, not the closet) and says trail goes through to the other exit.

Pack continues on the overpass and straight to the worst set of stairs possibly imaginable. For shits and giggles, there was a danger can at the very top- I stepped over a few passed out bodies that had attempted to make the summit and go straight into hitting their head into a can of beer. Another check, and we head straight down the mountain, and into oncoming traffic.
– It was here, apparently that our visiting Guam hasher, Better on my Knees, doesn’t notice a marked check and runs straight through. AND THEN doesn’t seem to be bothered that there are no marks and keeps going straight. No wonder those jerk in Guam are known for getting lost and calling emergency services so often!

Back along a running path, including a beverage check, where Urine Trouble was able to have a whole can of beer to himself cause he happens to “cough’ when he hands it over to the next hasher and says “Oh, I’m sick by the way….”
– Jackass!! You’re carrying your vessel with you! We know your game!

Across another 8 road lane, and then in and out, and in and out (so much in & out!!) of the local apartment complexes before cuming back to the start point.

By the time the pack got back, Pissmas had rummaged through all our bags, and was joined in his duties by HIIT and BoobyDo. TBG and Zimbab showed up with more beer and though the pack tried to wait for the lost Guam hasher, we were just too thirsty and so started circle.
Hares: Teener & Tiny Dental
FRB: 11inches
DFL/LRB: Better on my Knees
Interpretive Dance: Let it Go sung by Better on my Knees;
-situation: Lost on a mountain and trying poop while avoiding Zombies
Leaver: Teener
Hashit: Teener/Hares

Pack was over 20 strong this weekend, helped by the visitor from Guam, a ‘returner’ living in Vietnam, and some virgins brought by the pack. Good job ya’ll! The newbies didn’t seem too scared, so maybe we’ll see them again….




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