Hashes May 22-25 (Hash Hell Weekend)

STD / Poofter
What: 2nd Circle of Hell: GET TO THE POOFTA!
Where: Osan college exit 2
When: 1:00 pm
Hares: phocacuntis & TBG
Hash Cash: W5,000

Full Moon/NQR
What: 3rd Circle of Hell: NQR IS THE MOTHER HASH!
Where: Suwon exit 6 for subway or exit 1 for ITX follow chalk
When: 7:00 pm
Hares: Zimbab & TBG
Hash Cash: W5,000

YOU MUST BRING A FLASHLIGHT!!! You will not be able to pass through our NQR Apocalypse Now section of trail without one!!!

Yongsan Kimchi (YKH3)
What: 4th Circle of Hell: Revenge of the Daewoo Bus (just like that one over there)
When: Noon pm
Hares: Booby Do Bunny
Hash Cash: W5,000

Dudes and chicks split

Seoul Hash House Harriers (SHHH)
What: 5th Circle of Hell: *GENTS ONLY*
Where: Osan College
When: 4 PM
Hares: Nut n Bone and Flame Thrower
Hash Cash: 10,000

WEBSITE: @[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vc2VvdWxoYXNoLmNvbS86Og==:http://seoulhash.com/]

Seoul PMS/ (SPMSH3)
What: 5th Circle Of Hash Hell Weekend: Its not to long and is not to thick.
Where: Songtan Station
When: 4 PM
Hares: Eiffel, Boom the Magic Dragon, and Blonaze
Hash Cash: W5 000

What: Hash social, come kick back and have some food and good beverages.

South Side (SS) RED DRESS RUN!!!!
What: 6th Circle Of Hash Hell Weekend: “Hell aint so bad as along as its south of the Han.. Baggo!”
Bring your sexiest red dress! Donations will be going to breast cancer.
Where: Osan Station
When: Noon
Hares: Eiffel and Menage
Hash Cash: W10 000!

Humphries Hangover (H5)
What: 7th Circle Of Hash Hell Weekend: H5 presents Swill Team 6! Come prove your worth. 6 stops, 6 beers, no weakness. No can left behind!
Where: Seojeong-ri station
When: 5pm
Hares: Cherry Poppin Daddy and A Day Late And A Penis Short
Hash Cash: W5 000!

Osan Bulgogi H3
What: “We’ll just go with drunken ”
Where: Lions Den
When: Noon
Hares: Mmm-Bop
Hash Cash: W5 000!

Beer Pong Tournament!
What: Closing of the gates of Hash Hell
Where: Jammers (follow pack marks from the den)


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