Hash info: June 3-7


What: STDH3
When: 1900
Where: Triangle Park, Noksapyong Exit 2 follow chalk.
Hare: TBG
Hash Cash: W5 000
Special Destructions: Bring a flashlight and a love of shiggy and beer!!!


What: W11H3
When: 1800/6pm
Where: Phillies pub in HBC, basement
Hare: Triple T
Hash Cash: BYOW (Buy Your Own Wings)


What: Full Moon Hash House Harriers!!!
When: 1900/7pm
Where: Fisherman’s American Seafood, Itaewan Station, exit TBD
Hare: ??? TBD ???
Hash Cash: Buy your own beer!!! We’re in a bar!!!


What: Yongsan Kimchi H3
When: 1000/10AM
Where: Olympic Park (Line 5) Exit 3
Hares: Flo
Hash Cash: 5,000 KRW or 5USD

What: 2299.05 A D Day Trail
When: 1600/4PM
Where: Ungil-san station exit 1
Hares: Nando and JooDog
Hash Cash: 10,000KRW/10 USD
Website: http://seoulhash.com/?p=3519

What: Osan Bulgogli H3
Hash Cash:


What: Southside H3 Peace Out Urine Asian/Happy Birthday Menage!
When: 1PM
Where: Trail A: Travel Hash to Inje! Some people going up Saturday for an overnight and UA will lay trail on Sunday in Inje for anyone wanting to stick around.

Trail B: Borame Stn. Exit TBD
Hare: Urine Asian/Menage
Hash Cash: 5,000 KRW/ 5 USD


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