New to ‘hashing’? check out this page: newbies

Need to contact someone? Message an admin on the facebook group, or leave a reply at the bottom of this page.

Wanna join us for a hash? We post the subway station (and line #) on facebook and the homepage. Get to the subway and follow chalk marks to the start.

This page is to provide information to those interested in hashing on the R.O.K. (Republic of Korea, duh!). Most hashes happen in the greater Seoul Metroplex, but not all. 4 of the bigger kennels (clubs) hash every week, on Saturday or Sunday. Some hashes happen weekly, some on special occasion.

For most up to date info on the hashes in and around the greater Seoul Metroplex, please visit the facebook page.

General Weekend Schedule:

Saturday                                    Sunday                      
10am – YKH3

3pm – SeoulH3                              1pm – SouthsideH3
3pm – OBH3

Quick Rundown of the bigger hashes in the Greater Seoul Metroplex (GSM):
Seoul H3: Men only. Saturday 3pm (4pm in  the summer). Hashes around GSM.
YK H3: Mixed hash, Saturday at 10am. Usually hashes north of the river Han.
Southside H3: Mixed hash, Sunday at 1pm, south of the river Han.
OB H3: Mixed hash, Saturday 3pm, down in Osan.
– STD H3: Mixed hash, Wednesday at 7:30pm in Seoul.
Seoul PMS: Women only. Once or twice a month, usually 4pm.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi hashers !

    I’m a 19years old french student and I will fvisit Korea / Seoul for christmas break. My hash name is SmokyButt.
    How can I join you for a few runs ?

  2. On holiday from UK in Korea and noted there is some hashing on Jeju Island this week when we are also there. Can someone give us a brief update on where and her the hashing is in case we can join in?
    Dobbie & Haggis
    Otter Valley HHH, Devon

    • Hi welcome to Korea! Here is the info from a facebook invite:
      ▶Hare : Motherhash GM, Opera, Young-man
      ▶Pack : Motherhash 132 members
      ▶Where : neer Sanbang moutain / Hanla moutain in JEJU
      ▶When :4/12~4/15

      In datails

      Mother hash invade korea at night (20:00)
      Drink, and Drink, and Drink with 흑돼지!

      Popular tourist destination with ricewine
      Hash run in near Sanbang moutain.(From hotel)
      Lunch : Special Korean food with a tile fish (옥돔구이)and beer, makgeolli
      Dinner : BBQ party in the forest

      A: HASH-Climb Hanla moutain (8hours)
      B: Jeju Theme park Hash – run
      Dinner : Sashimi party at the shore with Unlimited Soju

      Popular tourist destination with Beer
      Mother hash back (18:00)

      ▶Hash cash :
      1. ₩250,000 (not including flight) – Including good accommodations, best every meal, bus, entrance fee, unlimited drink.

      2. You can just join hash-run, hash-climb, and on after!(₩30,000 / eachday) – Only Including dinner party


      For more information please contact us via the email below


  3. Hi! I am new to this! My good friend Megan recommended this group to me as she has been a member for years all over the world. I am trying to join the Facebook page, but it won’t let me. I keep getting denied 😦 I am interested in coming this Saturday ( July 11th) Do I just show up? Should I bring a backpack with stuff? Or just myself? Thanks ya’ll!

    • Just checked, looks like you’ve been added to the facebook page. Welcome!!
      Change of clothes is usually a good idea, because of “just-in-case” but otherwise just show up with a sense of adventure and a thirst for beer.

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