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Seoul Team Delta Hash started with a very relaxed vibe. With us talking, laughing, and drinking. I was unaware of what was to come. The hash was at nighttime so I brought a headlamp, and had that sucker pulled so tight on my head that I now have a unicorn horn from the bruise. I went to this hash knowing I would be the slowest runner and I was not getting lost!

The hares away’ed; and we followed. We were going past old trail marks and I was enjoying the relatively easy trail… or so I thought.
– Red chalk. Yes, the hares used red chalk! The funny thing about red chalk is it blends in with the road at night. Unless you shine your light directly on the hash, you will miss it easily. And miss it, we did…..multiple times. But as the slowest, it gave me time to catch up.

Shiggy. Shiggy is very interesting. This was my first mountain shiggy. Okay, so it wasn’t through the mountains but at night those hills are mountains. As someone with no depth perception, these hills were the equivalent of a water slide. And hills we did for what seemed like miles. During the day, these trails are probably no problem, at night with roots and evil pine needles….these trails are definitely for the adrenaline hash junkies.

Returning to VFW, we earned our beers, drinks and the 2,000 Won (approx. $2) shot special. Circle was hardcore with the hares showing us how STD drinks (from now on?). With modified burpees the hares down-downed with ease. Setting the tone with planks and wheel barrow down-downs. I am excited to see what down-downs will bring at the next hash.

Honestly, this hash was perfect. Hump day really sets the tone for the rest of the week. The difficulty of the trail and laughter we had, really released my stress. Can’t wait until the next STD Hash.

– Most Valuable Blower


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