Southside Hash House Harriers –
since Dec 4, 1999

“the best damn hash in Korea, south of the river Han on Sunday!”

Mixed- men and woman hash

Sunday 1pm, somewhere south of the river Han.

– Southside likes to try to keep tradition of live-haring, and can also be known for having rather long circles, and on-afters at local Korean places.

Southside Facebook group, here.

– – – – – – – History:
From: Hazukashii (founder):
The Beginning – 4 Dec 99

“We gather today for the first running of the SSHHH at the lovely Seoul Grand Park. I would like to welcome all those that have come out to support this new Kennel. We will begin at a different location every week, but all trails must be south of the Han and must be accessible by public transportation (Subway or Bus). The hares will bring their own flour to lay trail, but will be reimbursed with a beer for their efforts. This hash is founded on the premise that:
1. There are no rules
2. The whim of the pack will determine our future
3. All hashers are created equal
4. The only hash offense is to lay a bad trail (but that does not mean you won’t get a down-down for being stupid)

A request for the pack: We are looking for experienced hashers to take the lead in the critical hash positions of Beer Meister, Haberdasher, and Hare Raiser. If you would like to make a long term commitment to the S2H3, please see Hazukashii to get the details.


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