S&M Man

(these are just a few verses; there are PLENTY more here)


Melody – The Candy Man
(Take turns leading verses)

Who will run through jaggers (who will run through jaggers),
Ripping up his flesh (ripping up his flesh),
And turn right around,
And repeat the bloody mess?
It’s the S&M man.

Oh, the S&M man,
The S&M man because he mixes it with love,
And makes the hurt feel good (Yes the hurt feel good)

Who wears pants with zippers,
And no underwear,
Then pulls them up and down,
And rips out his pubic hair?
It’s the S&M man.

Who can take a razor,
And no shaving cream,
Scrape her pussy bald,
While he listens to her scream?
It’s the S&M man.

Who can take an old saw,
Rusty but still cuts,
Pull it back and forth,
Until he rips off his own nuts?
It’s the S&M man.

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