Mudfest happens 2 weekends at the end of July. The kennels of Korea invade for a weekend. Usually leaving Saturday morning from Seoul, taking the train to Boryeong, Chungcheongnam-do, and staying in a pension (korean hostel) for the night. We do trail Saturday and Sunday, and stumble our way back to Seoul.

201mudfest144 was July 19-20;
& hosted by Southside.





Info from last year:

Current working plan:
– Saturday: group train ride
Seoul people will meet at Yongsan station at 9am – main entrance at the top of the escalators.

– 1 or 2 pm Saturday trail, (hared by Pissmas and Zimbab)
– 7pm -BBQ dinner
– overnight in a pension
– Sunday: hangover trail, head back to Seoul.

Pension cost should be 25,000W.
We are already booked for the big room. We’re sleeping on the floor if you’re new to this…

A Texas BBQ (kinda, Its Korea….) is planned, but if you want more/different bring it or volunteer.

*those wanting to do the official mudfest thing, please note that it will be up to you to pay the entrance to that.


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