Other kennels

Hashing is WORLDWIDE!! For other kennels around the world, or more history or big events, check out: Go To The Hash.net 

Some of the other hashes here in the Seoul area:

Full Moon H3 – Once a month. Usually on a Friday somewhere in the greater Seoul Metroplex.

NQR, (Not Quite Right) H3 Once a month. Usually south part of the Seoul Metroplex

38th Parallel H3 – usually twice a year in Chuseock (Sept.) and Lunar New Year (Feb.), runs in the north part of Seoul. Founded 1 Dec. 1993

S.T.D. (Seoul Team Delta) H3 – or the more ‘elite’ hasher on a weeknight, and when someone organizes it.

Some of the other hashes on the ROK:

Humphrey’s Hangover H3 – Second Sunday of every month . Down south of Seoul at Camp Humphrey.

Ulsan H3 – family friendly hash.

Koje-do H3 (Busan area?) – family friendly hash.


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