2 ways to get info on our up-cumming events and hashes:

1) check the facebook page, here*.
2) check our google calendar for the list.**(we hope its up to date…)

Events to look out for:
Hash Hell: During Memorial Day weekend, in and around Osan (OB led)
Mudfest: Towards end of July  (rotates among the kennels)
Muuido: End of August (Usually Southside led)
– Hashathon: During Chuseock (September)
BeerMile: held at the end of Hashathon. (Usually Southside led)
World Peace Through Beer, Oct 25-26
Hashgiving – Sunday after US thanksgiving. (Usually Southside led)
12 Down Downs of Christmas (Usually OB led)


*PLEASE NOTE!! the Korea hash facebook page provides the most up to date information. Click join the group and then send us a message. We get a lot of spam, so let us know you are for real.

Google calendar of events


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Hashes 13-17 Dec 2017

16 Dec – OBH3 – 12 Down-Downs of XMas
16 Dec – WPH3 – Buttercup’s on Out (Kunsan)
30 Dec – YKH3 – 1000 – XMas Gift Exchange

Seoul Team Delta (STD) (Seoul, South Korea)
When: 13 Dec 7:30pm/1930
Where: Myeong-dong station exit 3
Hare: Backdoor Moses
Hash Cash: $5 / 5,000won

*Trail is A to B.  Bring flashlight and shiggy socks


Yongsan Kimchi Hash House Harriers (Seoul, South Korea)
When: 16 Dec 10:00am
Where: Maebong exit 4 -follow chalk
Hare: Filipenis
Hash Cash: $5 / 5,000won

Hangyang Hash House Harriers
When: 16 Dec 17 10:00am
Where: Sinchon Exit 1, line 2
Hare: No Name Ryan
Hash Cash: 5,000won

Wolf Pack Hash House Harriers
Buttercup’s On Out**
When: 16 Dec 17 2:00PM/1400
Where: Wild Wings
Hare: Buttercup
Hash Cash: 5,000won

Seoul Hash House Harriers
(Discerning Gentlemen Only)
When: 16 Dec 17 3:00PM/1500
Hash Cash: $10 / 10,000won
Apres Trail:
Please refer to our website:

Osan Bulgogi Hash House Harriers (Songtan, South Korea)
*12 Down-Downs of XMas*
When: 16 Dec 17 6:00PM/1800
Where: Lions Den
Hare: Apache
Hash Cash: $5 / 5,000 won


Humphrey’s Hangover Hash House Harriers (Pyeongtaek, South Korea)
When: TBD
Where: TBD
Hash Cash: $5 / 5,000 won

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