Yongsan Kimchi H3, Run 1538th

The 1538th running of the Yongsan Kimchi H3 occured on the frosty morning of January 23, 2016. Chinese Fungercuffs and Lights Classroom ACTION! dead-hared a sparsely-marked trail with light yellow teacher’s chalk, effectively rendering all marks void. Flo enjoyed the crisp morning air by engaging in rigorous exercise with a local. Our racist bastard was TRIPLE T, as she was extremely thirsty for beer slushies. Our lazy caboose runner was NN Reagan, who was thusly sacrificed by Flo. Hashit was delicious and went to ICUP for being the only one to go all the way to the YBF. Circle was cold, and you wanks missed out, as our pack was extremely limited. Bundle up for next week to help our own Zimbab move away from the tragedy of living above a bar.


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