Southside (mystery) hash; Feb 1.

A relative newcomer to the ROK, UrineTrouble, volunteered to hare for Feb 1st, however, the army had other ideas for him on the first, so the pack showed up at Yangjae Citizen’s forest, and had to get their hungover minds working just enough to figure out what to do.

Split Dick was immediately saying he definitely wanted a trail, and so it was eventually decided that it would become a ‘Mystery hash’ style trail:
– hasher will be chosen as the hareIMG_1753[1]
– hare chugs a beer
– pack gives hare a 5 minute head start (5-ish…)
– hare runs for 10 minutes and stops
– first hasher  (that hasn’t hared) to catch up becomes the next hare, and chugs the beer to start their part of trail.

Split Dick ran the first segment, and did a great job along the river/bayou/creek/! We caught up to him as he was feeding the pigeons from his bag of flour.
– The first hasher to catch up to him was Florence NightenGAY (recently named!), so he shotgunned his beer, and headed up out of the bank. We followed soon after and after some urban street running, we made it back to the running path along the river.
– First in was Tiny Dental Dancer and Spilt, so Tiny chugged what was left of his bottle of OJ and vodka. We had been out for almost 40+ minutes, so we suggested he make his trail in the general direction of the bags and start point.
– Tiny started to lay trail back along the river towards the start point, crossed a bridge, and then ran the other damn direction….

So we continue running further away from the start, along a road and up some steps to a park in the hills. Tiny finished, and the first hasher in was 8675. As we told her that we need to start heading back to the start, that she should probably head toward the river, she asked aloud, “OK, which way is the river?”
-I replied: “Uhhhhh, you know what? Nevermind, I’ll hare us back towards the start….”

I took what remained of the flour Split had bought, and a piece of green chalk, and “bee lined” it through the park, to the river, and took a left. At the end of my 10-ish minutes, I had basically been able to bring the pack back to where Tiny had crossed the river. Trail was crossing itself, several times, but the pack of 9 stayed together for the most part, except Rock. When the pack followed Tiny’s trail, Rock said, “F. this” and just walked back on his own.

Last hare of trail was 8675, and so she took off with the half a cup of flour left in the bag. You could tell the pack was pretty much finished for the day, cause noone followed any flour, we all just walked back along the river, enjoying a leisurely Sunday stroll.
– the only running was the last 100 yard sprint into the start. Gone in 48 thus made his first FRB.

Flo had been kind enough to stop for doughnuts on trail, so as Rock showed up from his walk, we held circle. Temp was dropping, so we made quick work of the necessary items of business, then sung hash hymnal #1, and headed out.
– Heart shaped box was kind enough to lead us to Gangnam and to Dakgalbi. It was great that the entire pack came out for the on-after.

A delicious and awesome Southside. ON ON!!


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